Contact Me

Summary: This widget allows you to create a form visitors to your site can fill out for you to contact them.  The name and email address entered into the form are added directly into your contact management system in flexmls Web (under Contacts>Contact Management)


Title: This setting allows you to specify the title for the widget (e.g., What’s my home worth?).

Description: You can provide further instructions or reasons to submit their contact info by entering content in this setting.

Success Message: This is the message that will display to users after they successfully submitted their name and email (e.g., “Thank you for contacting us, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours!”).

Use captcha: To help prevent spambots from auto-filling the form with junk and submitting it, we have provided an option here to verify that the user is legitimate.

To check the captcha checkbox by default in the shortcode generator, you can check the “Use a Captcha” box under Settings>flexmls IDX in the Behavior tab

If you are using the Contact Me widget under Appearance>Widgets, you can check the “Add Captcha” box and Save the changes…


If you already have a shortcode generated for the Contact Me widget and want to add the captcha field, just add:




Button Text: This setting changes the text of the submit button.


You can add Phone and Address to the contact widget by checking them in the required fields boxes under the Preferences>Portal Preferences page in the flexmls system.

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