Version 3.5.10

by mflatin on February 9, 2017

Today we have released version 3.5.10 this will fix a problem some of you are experiencing with some searches and widgets disappearing. We’ve been making significant changes to the plugin files to help improve the load time of the listings and widgets.


Performance Enhancements
Better caching of system functions to reduce API calls and page load times.

More Security
We’ve implemented two security measures to help you out – 1) a honeypot form field, and 2) a time delay check to prevent bots from spamming incessantly. Plus, we’ve removed or obfuscated all email addresses on the site. So go ahead – turn off the form captcha in your widgets and pages and try it out!

New Settings Interface
We’ve moved the Flexmls IDX plugin settings to its own WordPress menu option…

Updates to the settings page…

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